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Các Dòng Kẹo Của URC


Made from 100% natural Vietnam’s highlands tea leaves, freshly brewed and bottled on the same day following international standard, C2 is well-known for capturing the freshness of tea leaves and provide health benefits. C2 has 3 tea-drink kinds and 5 flavor choices for your selection.

Rong Do

Rong Do Energy Drink contains taurine, inositol and vitamin B to boost our non-stop energy for non-stop life.

Jolly Vit

Jolly Vit is a vitamin-enhanced beverage with refreshing taste using Stevia leaves, which is a natural sweetener that does not cause obesity. Containing no preservatives, this product is safe for young children to consume.
Jolly Vit is available in Strawberry Flavour and Mixed Berries Flavour.

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