Corporate News - 24/09/2020

URC Vietnam’s efforts and contributions in Vietnam have been fully recognized in not only business awards but also in sustainable ranking. Since 2019, URC Vietnam has been named among the top 100 sustainable businesses recognized by the VCCI – VBCSD and recently, in September 2020, the company was honoured among the top 10 prestigious companies in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in 2020 as announced by the Vietnam Report Company, in collaboration with VietNamNet newspaper under the Ministry of Information and Communication.

As for criterias of ranking, companies in the list are evaluated and ranked based on 3 main criteria as follow: (1) Financial capabilities based on the most recent accounting report; (2) Credibility to the media based on media coding measure – coding articles advertised for companies in influential media channels; (3) Survey results on brand recognition, customers’ product satisfaction and the quality of services of companies, etc. conducted in 8/2020.

These fruitful achievements once again demonstrate URC Vietnam’s long-term and consistent commitment in creating shared values for the country through successful business operation as well as sustainability projects that benefit the local community over the past years. The company will continue its journey of sustainable purposeful business with upcoming activities in 2020.


Box of information about the Award:

Top 10 prestigious companies in the food and beverage industry are independent research results of Vietnam Report published in 2017. Since 2012, Vietnam Report has used Media Coding method  to calculate the reputation score of businesses in the media. Since then, many Top 10 rankings in key industries with high growth potential have been periodically announced annually such as: Real Estate, Construction, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Pharmacy, Tourism, Listed Companies, etc.

The research method of media analysis to assess the reputation of companies based on the Agenda Setting theory on the influence and impact of media on the community and society by 2 professors Maxwell McCombs and Donald L Shaw which was officially announced in 1968, then applied by Vietnam Report and its partners. Accordingly, Vietnam Report used the Branch Coding method (evaluating the image of the company in the media) to analyze the reputation of food and beverage companies in Vietnam.

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