Is it fat to eat Cream O Cake? The worry of chocolate lovers!

Corporate News - 12/07/2021

If you are a fan of cookies and cakes, you definitely cannot ignore Cream O Biscuits. Cookies are produced on modern technological lines of URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. with strict censorship process. , quality assurance and very popular in the market. Cream O is loved by many people for its chocolate flavor and smooth, convenient creaminess, which can be easily purchased at many grocery stores and supermarkets. With a sweet and intoxicating taste, Cream O has successfully conquered the taste buds of Chocolate devotees as the message "If you love Chocolate, you will love Cream O Cake". Let's find out how many calories are in Cream O Cookies and whether or not Cream O Cookies is fat through this article!

Chocolate devotees do not need to worry too much when enjoying Cream O

Ingredients Cream O Cookies

Cream-O cookies are made from a delicate and harmonious combination of ingredients, creating a delicious taste with a crispy crust and a delicious cream filling that stimulates all the senses. The ingredients that make up Cream O are very diverse, including flour, sugar, vegetable fat, glucose, milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, malt, iodized salt, egg yolk powder, foaming agent (sodium). hydrogen carbonate), ammonium hydrogen carbonate, corn starch, emulsifier, lecitin, synthetic vanilla flavor, food coloring, caramel...

he rich and diverse ingredients of the cake help you supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the body every day. In particular, Cream O Biscuits are made from the most delicious barley grains, helping to add rich nutritional content to the body. Compact design, convenient to take anywhere, enjoy anytime, ready to energize for a long active day.

How many Calories does each Cream O Biscuit contain?

Traditional Cream O cookies are made up of 2 layers of chocolate chip cookies with white sweet vanilla ice cream in the middle. Currently, there are many types of Cream O Cookies made with different flavors you can choose from such as Cream O chocolate with chocolate cream, Cream O with milk cream, Cream O with strawberry milk flavor, Cream O chocolate cream filling. Each of these cookies also has the same number of calories as traditional cookies, about 45 calories.

Taste Cream O Cookies sensibly

Women need about 2,000 calories a day and men need about 2,200 calories to maintain activities. If we divide the meals of the day into 3 main meals, we need to load 667-733 calories in one meal. Each Cream O Cookie contains about 45 calories so you only have weight problems if you eat more than 15 Cream O Cookies in 1 meal which is equivalent to 45 Cream O Cookies in a day. Enjoying a few Cream O cookies after hours of work, study, and exercise will help you quickly replenish the necessary energy for your body without worrying about the risk of weight gain. Cream O biscuits are truly delicious and nutritious side dishes and snacks.
Like other pastries, we can use Cream O biscuits as a main meal but should not often be used to replace the main dish. Because this will have a bad effect on the stomach and increase the risk of obesity.

The perfect combination of Cream O Cookies and C2 Green Tea

C2 green tea extract 100% natural green tea essence to help balance blood sugar and lose weight effectively. Green tea contains many beneficial compounds, one of which is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that aids fat burning and improves exercise performance according to numerous studies. In particular, many studies show that green tea increases the amount of antioxidants in the blood. This primary antioxidant inhibits an enzyme that, when inhibited, increases the amount of norepinephrine, promoting fat breakdown.
At the same time, C2 green tea supports exercise by enhancing fat burning. One study showed that men who took green tea extract before exercise burned 17% more fat than men who didn't take the supplement. Green tea does not directly help you lose weight, but indirectly through the active ingredient Catechin. The active ingredient Catechin in green tea helps reduce fat, especially harmful belly fat. Therefore, the perfect combination of Cream O cookies and C2 Green Tea will help you comfortably enjoy the sweet taste of Cream O cookies without worrying about gaining weight.

Cream O biscuits, which are loved by many people because of their delicious chocolate flavor combined with their characteristic smooth cream, are the favorite treats of chocolate lovers. Products are widely distributed at points of sale such as supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, ... nationwide. In particular, customers can buy goods online at Lazada super convenient and fast with the best price.

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