Is Dynamite Candy Fat? Sweet lovers need not worry!

Corporate News - 12/08/2021

Dynamite candy is a popular and loved candy brand in Vietnam. Made from sugar and milk ingredients combined with a cool mint flavor and sweet chocolate, Dynamite Candy becomes a favorite of sweet lovers. As a product of URC Vietnam under JG Summit Philippines, one of the top 300 leading companies in Asia, Dynamite Candy is manufactured on a modern process to ensure the safety of consumers' health. The product is suitable for all ages and convenient to carry to travel, work, school, party,... As a sweet dish, "How many calories are in Dynamite candies?" It's always been a problem for many people. Let's find out through this article!

1. Dynamite candy does not cause weight gain

Dynamite Candy Ingredients
URC brings 3 Dynamite candy product lines including: Dynamite BigBang, Dynamite Chews, and Dynamite Energy. Each product line is made up of different ingredients, delicately combined according to their own formula to create an indulgent sweetness.



Product's name


Dynamite BigBang

Sugar, malt, humectant: glycerol (422), acidity regulator (malic acid (296), citric acid (330), lactic acid (270), sodium lactate (325), trisodium citrate (331(iii) )), box flavor, food coloring (group IV caramel (150d), Allura Red AC (129).

Dynamite Chews

Sugar, Malt, Cocoa Powder (6.5%), Vegetable Fat, Malt Powder, Humectant (420(ii)), Milk Powder, Synthetic Flavor, Thickener (414), Maltodextrin, Gelatin, emulsifier (322(i)), synthetic food color (172(i), 172(ii), 172(iii), polishing agent (903).

The product is not suitable for people allergic to the following ingredients: milk, soy.

Dynamite Energy

Sugar, malt, humectant: glycerol (422), acidity regulator (citric acid (330), trisodium citrate (331(iii)), synthetic flavor (strawberry, orange, pomegranate, mixed fruit) , caffeine, foaming agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate (500(ii)), food coloring (Allura Red AC (129), synthetic beta-carotene (160a(i))), antioxidant: ascorbic acid (300) ).

How many calories are in Dynamite Candy?

With a sweet taste, Dynamite Candy is loved by a large number of sweet lovers. However, the worry about weight always makes us shy and the question "How many calories in Dynamite candy?" or “How many calories are in the 3-pack of Dynamite Chocolate Candy?” It is also an issue that concerns many people.
Dynamite candy has 3 product lines with different ingredients and volumes, so the calories in each product are also different. The mass of each Dynamite Candy is less than 4g, so the calories in each candy are almost negligible. For example, on average, in 100g of Dynamite BigBang Chocolate Mint Candy, there are about 419 calories or 14 calories for a 3.3g candy.

Balance is a prerequisite to help you no longer worry about gaining weight

Women need about 2,000 calories a day and men need about 2,200 calories to maintain activities. If we divide the meals of the day into 3 main meals, we need to load 667-733 calories in one meal. Each Dynamite Candy contains less than 14 calories so you will only have weight problems if you eat more than 50 Dynamite Candy in one meal which is equivalent to 150 candies in a day. Enjoying a few Dynamite candies after hours of work, study, and exercise will help you quickly replenish the necessary energy for your body without worrying about the risk of weight gain. Dynamite candies are truly delicious and nutritious side dishes and snacks.
In particular, candy is classified as an empty calorie food and according to the US Food and Drug Administration (USDA) has set age standards to help you balance your empty calories. everyday. Specifically
- Children (2-8 years): 120 calories per day is equivalent to about 9 Dynamite Candy
- Children (9-13 years old): 120-250 calories per day equivalent to about 15 Dynamite Candy
- Girls (14-18 years old): 120-250 calories per day equivalent to about 18 Dynamite Candy
- Boys (14-18 years old): 160-330 calories per day equivalent to about 20 Dynamite Candy
- Adult women: 120-250 calories per day equivalent to about 18 Dynamite Candy
- Adult men: 160-330 calories per day equivalent to about 20 Dynamite Candy
Dynamite candy like many other sweets, balance is a prerequisite to help you eat properly, enjoy delicious food while keeping a slim figure.

2. Dynamite Candy - Sweet gift for a beautiful life

Sweet taste helps relieve stress

According to information published through a study at the University of Cincinnati, USA, this study has shown that: eating sweets helps people control their moods, reducing stress. The stress hormone, glucocorticoid, is reduced when people eat sweets such as cake or suck on some candy. Whenever you feel stressed or stressed, enjoy a few Dynamite Candy, the sweet taste and the cool mint flavor will help you relieve stress, find relaxation and peace.

Mint flavor helps increase alertness

Your scent can help increase alertness and reduce fatigue. Try to enjoy a mint candy after stressful working and studying hours, the cool taste of mint will bring a refreshing and sober spirit to you. Dynamite BigBang Chocolate Mint Candy and Dynamite Chews Chocolate Mint Candy are 2 great suggestions for you.

Fast recharge

Sweet Dynamite candies made with sugar and malt will give you a quick energy boost. The product is suitable for all ages and comes in compact packaging that is very convenient to carry to work, school, travel or festival,... Especially, Dynamite Energy Candy will help you "recharge energy quickly" “Energy for a long and active day.

Sweetness connects people

With a gentle sweetness along with a cool mint scent, and a fresh green fruit flavor, Dynamite Candy easily captures the hearts of many people. Therefore, Dynamite Candy is often chosen for parties and picnics. Let the sweet taste of Dynamite help you connect with people.

3. Dynamite candy with delicious taste and easy to find

Classification of Dyamite candies

Dynamite candy has 3 product lines including:
- Big Bang Dynamite Candy
+ 2 flavors: Chocolate Mint Flavor Nhân
+ 4 packing weights: 60g, 120g, 330g, and 1kg bags
- Dynamite Chews Candy
+ 2 flavors: Mint Flavor Chocolate; Fruity Flavor with Filled
+ 2 packing weight: 125g bag; 1kg
- Dynamite Energy Candy Energy candies with 330g pack

Where to buy

Dynamite candies are widely distributed at points of sale such as supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores,... nationwide. You can go to stores, supermarkets near your home to buy and enjoy the intoxicating sweetness of Dynamite. Especially, if you are wondering "Where should I buy Dynamite Candy which is both convenient, fast and economical?" Lazada is the best choice for you.

Dynamite Candy products from URC, are produced on a modern closed process, undergo quality and hygiene checks, so you can rest assured when enjoying. A stressful day of work or a long day of stressful study will quickly pass when you have Dynamite Candy by your side. Just open the package and enjoy, all anxiety or stress will quickly disappear.

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