Corporate News - 10/08/2021

According to the Vietnam Plastics Association's 2019 statistics, our country has a high population density, ranking 15th in the world, and a low average income, ranking 68th in the world. In addition, with 1.83 million tons of plastic waste per year, we are ranked fourth in the world. The majority of this plastic waste is not recycled and is instead dumped without treatment. This is a serious green pollution problem in our country, which will have a long-term impact on the country's economic development.

The URC Vietnam company is involved in the waste treatment issue

The Prime Minister issued Directive 33/CT-TTg on strengthening waste management and recycling during an online discussion on the topic "The current situation and solutions for plastic waste treatment in Vietnam": "Every year, the amount of plastic waste produced by humans globally is enough to cover four times the surface of the Earth, with 13 million tons of plastic waste dumped into the ocean."

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Dung, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Urban and Industrial Environment, also remarked at the seminar: "In our country, each family consumes an average of 1kg of plastic bags each month, with two members." The major cities are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where people discharge around 80 tons of plastic garbage and plastic bags into the environment on a daily basis.” This is a red flag indicating a waste of resources that can be recycled, which has a significant impact on the ecosystem. This waste treatment issue is one that FDI firms are continuously looking to solve. Plastic pollution is the most serious problem confronting countries all around the world, not only Vietnam.

We need a clear strategy and method to overcome and handle plastic trash in Vietnam. The state is currently mobilizing individuals to utilize materials to replace plastic mountains when shopping and disposable plastic goods at restaurants, among other things. Businesses must also enhance and change manufacturing technology, as well as plastic waste recycling technology, in order to contribute to the future development of a green, clean, and attractive Vietnam.

URC Vietnam collects plastic trash for treatment, recycling, and reusing.

One of the founding members of the Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance (PRO Vietnam), URC Vietnam Co., Ltd., realized this early on. Businesses concentrate on increasing internal awareness. URC Vietnam constantly focuses on the following rigorous principles in all activities at the factory: reduce, reuse, and recycle to enhance water and energy efficiency while reducing waste to the environment.

To maximize input water consumption and reduce wastewater output, URC Vietnam constructed a reverse osmosis filtering system and reused water. This company is also a pioneer in the use of clean energy, such as CNG gas and biomass energy in manufacturing, as well as the use of LED lights in factories to safeguard the environment. For a long time, the company has used waste management to reduce landfill by transferring it to contractors with the role of processing and recycling to use as raw materials for the manufacturing of paving bricks and fertilizers.

The circular economy concept is quickly becoming an unstoppable trend. Many firms believe that the circular economy does not raise the cost of manufacturing and commercial operations, but rather helps to decrease expenses, enhance economic efficiency, create more employment, and reduce environmental consequences. However, the move from the old model to the new one takes time and there are obstacles to make the transition seamless, such as government knowledge, increased manufacturing scale, and a narrow legal corridor to speed this change.

The enterprise's unwavering efforts and efforts were well-recognized when it received the CSI Awards 2019 and 2020 for two years in a row. Furthermore, becoming a founding member of PRO Vietnam has been a huge success. represents an important step toward sustainable development by supporting the circular economy model through the collecting procedure for recycling product packaging. URC Vietnam will keep working toward a circular economy.


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